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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh a sad day indeed :(

What has the world come to when a girl can't even play a game of Mario Cart without putting her in life threatening situations? I was minding my own business when all of the sudden I look over and see on the arm of the couch... a black spider just sitting there menacingly. To my horror I realize that he could have been there the whole time! And I had leaned on the arm of the couch! Then something worse comes to mind! What if he had been on me the whole time?! I jumped up as a scream was stuck in my throat; oh how he must have been taunting me! Quickly and with precise ninja action I grabbed the nearest shoe (Jordan's old flip flop) and proceeded to smack the life outta that thing! Now most of you might be thinking "Bekah, it was a little spider! Get over it." But I can't I tell you. Now for weeks to come I will be paranoid, itchy and I won't be able to sleep in my room or play video games down there for like a week! And if that wasn't bad enough I throw the shoe down and see something else on the ground!

A small snake a Red Racer slithering towards the small arm chair. Now thoroughly scared outta my wits I jumped on a foot stool and screamed for Jordan, who had been asleep on the couch upstairs last I saw him. He came down and we proceeded to have a manhunt (or snakehunt if you will) for the fugitive. And by "we" I mean Jordan as I was still on the stool. After Jordan was about to give up he saw something moving and grabbed the small creature. Needless to say I was pleased and followed him upstairs. Before putting him outside in the yard Jordan took a few pictures with his camera. No that is not me holding it! It's Jordan's hand.

Needless to say I had had enough adventure for one day but I look up and what do I see? A mosquito looking bug chilling out above me. By now I'm quite worn out by my previous two intruders so I hurry to the fly swatter and kill him quickly then throw him out with a paper towel. But what to my surprise when I see the front door standing wide open! Then I remember Dad was outside working in the yard. Well feeling quite angry I shut the door. And that is the tale of the most exciting thing that has happened in weeks. And it all happened before 9:30 this morning!


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