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Monday, September 7, 2009


The wide open spaces of Idaho... very exciting.
On the road towards school. For some reason my air conditioner decided to break, so it was very hot in the car!
Full of stuff and still had a couple more boxes in mom and dad's car.
Me and Mommy... talking a picture on our road trip.
This is my room after i got everything set up. It's really hard getting off that bed, I've got to close the door and use it to get of. You'll notice my Heroes poster:)
My fan to make it feel more like home and give the room some personality.
Legolas and my closet. So that was the tour of my room. My dorm mates' name's are Hailey, Lauren and Bri. I don't really remember what the other girls are majoring in but Bri (my roommate) is a music major and wants to be a choir teacher. Not much to tell about except my feet are killing me. So if anyone has any questions just ask. ;)


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